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Kaleidoscope forges a relationship with SJP to bring onboard more disabled Financial Advisors.



Ultra-Low Emmission Zone (ULEZ)

Kush Kanodia, Chief Disability Officer at Kaleidoscope Group, a platform working to empower disability through business, is leading a campaign calling for help to fight for fair ULEZ exemption for approximately a quarter of million disabled people with Blue Badges in London.

What it Feels Like to Survive a Tsunami

Hardeep Rai, the CEO of Kaleidoscope Group, discusses how and what it feels like to survive a Tsunami.

National Disability Strategy

The Government’s National Disability Strategy was released on Wednesday 28th July, setting out the significant actions the government will take to improve the everyday lives of all disabled people across all government departments. Here, Kaleidoscope Group, reflected upon the proposed strategy and what this could mean moving forwards.

Accessible Recruitment

Disabled people face barriers that are stopping them from entering the workplace, with the recruitment process often being one of the initial hurdles. Kaleidoscope Group provides eight steps on how companies can make their recruitment process more accessible and inclusive for disabled people.

Robert Walters Report

As we focus purely on the diversity and inclusion in the workplace for those with disabilities, the key findings of the recent Robert Walters report has been highlighted and reflected upon by The Kaleidoscope Group, a contributor to the report and platform empowering disabled employees and entrepreneurs.

Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on the Disabled Community

As the UK marks the one-year anniversary of lockdown, the country reflects on the effects of Coronavirus on the disabled community, and how those with disabilities have been disproportionately affected throughout the pandemic. Looking into the events of the past year, Kaleidoscope Group, discusses the heart-breaking results of the pandemic, and how the direct effects on those with disabilities could have been prevented.


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Disability, Bad luck or Good Fortune (Article)

Disabled Entrepreneurs Guide – Joint publication with UK Government (DWP)

Xceptional Leaders Podcast with Hardeep Rai 

Webinar: Disability: Socially responsible investing into the livelihoods of 1.3 Bn people. 

TV Interview

Ki have been instrumental in supporting us to achieve our goals. Our personal mentor Michael has been phenomenal. He has helped us change our thinking in a number of different areas in the business, particularly in strategy and marketing. I've no doubt that we would not be anywhere near where we are if it wasn't for Kaleidoscope’s support. Would highly recommend.

Stephen Cluskey & Noelle Dalywww.MobilityMojo.com

Ki enabled me to take an idea, instil belief in my potential and allow me to not only generate an income but positively impact on individuals in a way I never believed I could, let alone would. Its thanks to their eye and continued support that I have been able to not only move on from a devasting injury but embark on an entrepreneurial journey that has no bounds.

David O'Mahoneywww.DavidOMahoney.com

Kaleidoscope provided advice and guidance on how we could enhance our support for our disabled/partially sighted employee and maximise his potential and efficiency. We were pleased with Kaleidoscope’s approach and professionalism and they clearly demonstrated a strong comprehension about the effects of disability on the workforce and in the workplace.

Laura Devinewww.LauraDevine.com

I soon realised that Hardeep is not a typical investor whose only interest is in increasing the size of his pocket book but is mainly focused on helping those with a disability to change their lives for the better by empowering them to enter in to business with the right support, guidance and monitored investment.

Chris TelesfordFusihumtek

I suffer from multiple disabilities both physical and emotional and can catastrophise and become overwhelmed quite easily. However, having met Kaleidoscope representatives, Hayley and Hardeep, I felt that they could support me by using their contact networks to help me secure a pitch in stores to demonstrate the reasons why those same stores should stock my product.

Kevin RaffertyWorld Domination

Since and during my two business workshops I have found all at Ki to be friendly and understanding as well as helpful in my cause to get a business off the ground and Ki and its employees have given me insight and encouragement as well as hope and an aim in life in which to fulfil my hopes and dreams.

Ian MorrisHHCEVD

It’s rare to come across a bespoke mentoring programme specifically tailored for the challenges facing the disabled entrepreneur; especially one that fuses business savvy investment with judicious coaching. The team at Ki are ‘ridiculously efficient’ in sizing-up your business model from the outset because they know that people with disabilities are facing too many barriers.


Working with Kaleidoscope Investments, I have been guided through the process of setting up my own business. It has been good to know there's someone there in my corner. None of what I have achieved so far would be possible without them. From publicity to planning the people at Kaleidoscope Investments have been amazing.

Amandeep NahalFashionable Crutches

When I met Hardeep from Kaleidoscope, I felt like I had been saved from a hopeless life of poverty and hardship. Finally some help and finally a chance! Kaleidoscope have given me so much hope, something to live for and a reason to keep trying. I am now working on building two businesses with them, something that would have never been a possibility with out them.


Inspirational, much needed event that I have been waiting for all my life

Carol PoundComment on Ki Conference

Absolutely inspired in their absolute fortitude to break down the barriers that society places on them. I left in awe of how people could find optimism to overcome obstacles and find a way to display hope, confidence and courage to steer themselves in life justifying the business case that we constantly try to highlight on an everyday basis.

Glenn BadhamComment on Ki Conference

Kaleidoscope are doing something really innovative, and they are totally dynamic in their approach. I've had the privilege of working with some exceptionally driven and motivated collectives in the past, but the event this past week, and the friendships, and professional relationships I have formed are nothing short of inspiring, and powerful.

Dom SmithComment on Ki Conference

I’ve been to two Paralympic games (Sydney and London), but the speeches from the archer and swimmer really inspired me to want to get back in to sport at an international level again. I was also inspired by the lady who is registered blind who has set up her businesses, and was especially inspired by her as we have the same disability.

Louise SimpsonComment on Ki Conference

What can I say… the energy and ‘life’ you bring to an event is fantastic and inspiring in itself.

Louise GrimmettComment on Ki Conference

I had an amazing time last Friday at your inspirational conference. As well as meeting and being inspired by some amazing people who are also powering through despite their disabilities, Illuminate Freedom were honoured to be asked to perform for you all! I have to thank you and Disabled Entrepreneurs for hosting this much needed event.

Illuminate FreedomComment on Ki Conference

Absolutely loved every minute! So gutted we needed to catch our train and miss out on spending time with everyone afterwards. Thank you for pulling together such inspirational speakers. Hoping this little shout out helps spread the word of the incredible job you're doing!

Scooter AngelComment on Ki Conference