Kaleidoscope Advisory

The services provided by Kaleidoscope Advisory are as follows:

1. Audit

A full company-wide policy audit examining inclusivity

The audit will determine your organisation’s current stage of Diversity & Inclusion policy compliance. It will identify changes required and allow us to tailor a bespoke package. Our aim is to embed disability inclusion into the core functions of your company. The audit will include:

Company: A company-wide review assessing policies, practices, recruitment and hiring processes, leadership, monitoring, engagement and physical / environmental accessibility. A report outlining good practice, and areas of improvement will be provided, along with recommended solutions that fit with your organisational strategy.

Product Audit: Assess whether products and services are accessible to customers with disabilities.

We will work with you to create a disability inclusion strategy for drafting policies, handbooks and helping implement practices. Progress reviews will be conducted quarterly to monitor progress and refine the performance plan. Subsequent audits will be carried out annually. A Return on Inclusion Investment will also be provided.

2. Training

A Company-wide staff training program from a moral & legal perspective

Training is essential to increase disability inclusion. Ensuring the company fulfils its legal obligation as well as developing an environment and corporate culture that allows people with disabilities to maximise their potential. The findings of the audit will enable us to develop a bespoke training package to meet your objectives and priorities.

Successful training sessions are based on policy but focused on practical application. Our blended learning approach maximises impact and scalability.

· Full and half day workshops

· ‘Breakfast / Lunch and learn’ sessions

· Videos and webinars

Our training modules cover a wide variety of topics including the following:

· Disability awareness

· Best policy and practice around Inclusion

· Invisible conditions and mental health

· Inclusive leadership

· Creating Inclusion champions

· Performance monitoring and management

· Removing workplace barriers

We provide sessions for staff at all levels. Most of our experienced team of trainers have a disability, not only bringing their expertise and knowledge to the table, but their personal stories and experiences.

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3. Sales

The development of a Sales strategy focused on disabled consumers

The disabled community has a spending power of £250bn pa. This ‘purple pound’ is an under explored market and there is huge potential for firms to provide the goods and services the disabled community require.

We have created a significant database of disabled people who have got strong networks across the UK and internationally. They are available to participate as part of a focus group and give their feedback and opinions.

We would work with you to identify potential target markets within the disabled community and create a sales strategy to access it.

We offer specific sales and customer services training to your front-line staff helping them to understand the specific needs of the market place and customers they are targeting.

4. Workplace experience and Wellbeing

A pro-active approach to wellbeing and supporting mental health

Our mindset with regards to Wellbeing in the work place is focused more on prevention rather than cure. In collaboration with Professor Zenobia Nadirshaw, a clinical psychologist of 42 years standing, we have developed a package to help managers identify early warning signs of mental health related issues including stress, anxiety and depression.

We offer a course for employees to help them manage more effectively their mental health and mindfulness. It covers positive mental attitude, sleep hygiene, gratitude, journaling and self-discipline amongst other things.

5. Bespoke services

Ka offers other bespoke consulting services including:

CSR Policy Development: We offer a full range of CSR consulting services from initial training sessions to working with you to develop your own effective and measurable CSR policy and initiatives.

PR Strategy: Working alongside your Diversity & Inclusion and Communication and Marketing teams we can co-create a social media campaign for your organisation including an effective and targeted PR Strategy.

Mediation: We have workplace mediators that can assist with resolving any disputes.

Policy drafting services: Our legal team can assist you in drafting policy documents ranging from an inclusive Company Handbook to more industry specific compliance documentation.

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