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The aim of Ki is to invest in great business ideas that originate from disabled people and help them to become successful.

We are a new kind of investment business. We believe in a world where ‘disability’ and ‘ability’ come together to create something better. Inspire…Create…Motivate…Empower…that’s the Ki methodology

Kaleidoscope Investments will provide 3 things.

1. Access to Investment

The aim of Ki is to invest in great business ideas that originate from people with disabilities. Ki will work closely with each entrepreneur to transform their idea into a business using the Ki Growth Methodology.

This will be achieved by providing the start-up with a business infrastructure and sector/skill relevant mentor who will partner with them on their business journey. The objective is to allow the entrepreneur to focus purely on their skill set and expertise and Ki will focus on the rest.

Ki will typically invest between £10,000 – £250,000 seed capital into a business in return for a mutually agreed equity stake. This will usually range from 2.5% – 25% but will never exceed 30%. Its aim is not to control the business but to empower the disabled entrepreneur and their team to successfully run it.

2. Access to Mentors

Access to a strong team of mentors that will assist a business through its stages of growth is fundamental to Ki’s success. Our Mentors are all highly experienced entrepreneurs. They have all started, grown and sold businesses and therefore have personal knowledge of the rollercoaster ride that is setting up a business.There will be a series of regular meetings which our investees will be required to attend. This will include quarterly meetings where progress will be discussed against performance targets, connections will be shared, and advice will be offered. On a regular basis we will monitor the performance of your business to ensure all goals and targets are being met.

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3. Access to our proprietary Growth Methodology

The CEO of Ki first started developing a proprietary growth methodology in 2011 that would help Start-Ups to grow to the point of a successful exit. This methodology continues to evolve to bring significant value-add to the businesses working with Ki.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for an investment, either the entrepreneur or someone on their team should have a disability (as defined under the Equality Act 2010) that can be evidenced. If this isn’t the case, then the business must focus on a disability related purpose.

We will consider applications from immediate family members of a disabled entrepreneur.

Ki offer to work with disabled entrepreneurs that either wish to start their own business as either;

a) a private limited company

b) set up a social enterprise

c) set up a charity/not for profit organization

The next step Once you are ready, please get in touch with our Kaleidoscope Investments contact today for additional information.