Kaleidoscope Quest (Kquest) delivers a unique career transition programme for those that are about to lose or have already lost their jobs and are looking for inspiration before their next career move. Specifically, it is designed to positively focus the employee’s mind and help mitigate the mental health impact of unemployment

Kquest is a career transition programme like no other. It has been carefully nurtured over the last 7 years by a group of incredible individuals who have been through extra-ordinary life challenges and experiences.

Their learnings have been combined to create an interactive 6-week programme that will not only take participants on an inspirational journey to better understand their inner drivers and purpose but will help them to create a ‘step-by-step’ career plan, thereby enabling them to optimise their potential and achieve their goals.

For further information, on Kaleidoscope Quest please visit www.Kaleidoscope.Quest